29 November 2018

GitHub Actions - Workshop

by mo

I attended a workshop at the GitHub booth in the AWS re:Invent 2018 expo. The topic was GitHub Actions and this is what I learned:

More status’ added to checks API and can push logs to pull request so you can see the failure in the PR rather than jumping to Jenkins.

  • Deployments API
  • Github/deploy-o-matic
  • automate tasks

You can fork the full build system too not just the code.

Actions are built on containers and can be shared. Webhook to github can trigger an action.

repository-dispatch is a new event.

Button to dispatch event on github. IOT button to play. Vaults in Github. Jenkins master in docker container to run build.


Action -> Markdown to pdf/docx export.

Pull requests run actions. So you can get feedback on your actions development process. You do not get the same sort of feedback on Jenkinsfile development.

HCL was the base for the GitHub Actions DSL.