9 July 2007

Do You Have Style?

by mo

For anyone who currently writes C#, or is looking to start I highly recommend you pick up a copy of… 

The Elements of C# Style by Kenneth Baldwin, Andrew Gray, Trevor Misfeldt Read more about this title…

This book offers great suggestions for programming style in the C# language. It covers things like:

  • Formatting
  • Naming Conventions
  • Documentation
  • General Principles

The book contains a series of rules to abide by, most of the rules are quite flexible. The main premise of the book is to maintain consistency but offers variations that a C# developer can follow.

Here are a few example’s taken from the book:

  1. Use Camel Case for Variable and Method Parameter Names Use lowercase for the first word and capitalize each subsequent word that appears in a variable name to provide a visual cue for separating the individual words within each name.
  public class Customer 
    public string firstName;
    public string lastName;
    public string ToString()
      return lastName + ", " + firstName;
  1. Use an Organization Name for the Root Namespace, and Narrow by Project, Product or Group
  namespace Company.Group.Project

This book is an extremely quick read, but well worth the price. It comes in handy as an excellent reference manual!

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