16 November 2007

The Visual Workspace

by mo

This is a story about building the great wall of agility. In the last few month here at the office we adopted this concept of the visual workspace. It’s awesome! We lay out our story cards and tasks out on the wall and as soon as you walk in the door you’re immediately reminded of what you’re currently working on, how far you are from the finish line and who else might need some help.

Our first wall, was literally a wall with sticky notes on it. In the corner of the above picture you can see a photo of “Jim”. Jim, was our image of the typical user of this application we were working on. Anytime we had to make a design decision we asked ourselves… “What would Jim do?”

Our latest wall is a glossy wall that our manager picked up from Rona. It’s excellent, because it doubles as a white board. It allows us to write up impromptu design discussion up on the board after our morning stand up.

One of my favorite new additions, is the sprint retrospective. It’s a time for a critical look back and to hold hands and sing songs…