My mac book pro arrived on Monday and since then I’ve spent most of my time trying to figure out some settings that I consider to be basic.

mapping caps lock to escape

I can’t believe how difficult this is. In ubuntu this is a simple keyboard setting, but sadly on OSX I had to install some thirdparty software to do this. The tools i used was PCKeyboardHack

swapping fn and ctrl

I am used to having the ctrl key in the bottom left corner of the keyboard so i found it more natural to swap the two keys. To do this i used KeyRemap4Macbook

keyboard shortcut to maximize a window

I’m currently trying this script in combination with quicksilver triggers and mapped to cmd+ctrl+z. So far i’m not liking this setup. I prefer winkey + up on windows or alt + f10 on ubuntu.

keyboard shortcut to activate/dectivate fullscreen.

To do this follow the instructions here. Unfortunatly, the cmd + escape combination did not work for me so i opted for ctrl+cmd+f

working with screen in bash in terminal

To get screen to and bash to function properly and recognize your .rvmrc project files follow the instructions in this post


1 alias screen='export SCREENPWD=$(pwd); /usr/bin/screen'
2 export SHELL='/bin/bash -rcfile ~/.bash_profile';
4 case "$TERM" in
5     'screen')
6              cd $SCREENPWD
7                       ;;
8                       esac


1 startup_message off
2 shell -$SHELL

customizing the terminal prompt

to get your prompt to look like mine ie.

mo@mobook ~/development/blah


export PS1="\u@\h\w \n$ "

installing imagemagick properly

Follow the instructions found on this stackoverflow post

1 brew remove imagemagick
3   rm -rf 'brew --cache imagemagick'
5   brew install -f imagemagick --disable-openmp

how to source .bashrc by default in terminal

read this


1 [ -r $HOME/.bashrc ] && source $HOME/.bashrc
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