So I’m sure some of you are a little sick of my Robin Sharma kick these days, so I will wrap this up with one last post on the subject, for now!

I just arrived back to the office after sitting in on Robin Sharma’s presentation on… I’m not sure what the subject is. I guess it’s on living a world class life! He’s definitely an inspiring individual. He used the power of laughter and sadness to move you, at least me. If I’ve learned one thing today it’s that I need to work on being a funnier person. He definitely seems to be getting the best out of life.

He talked about a lot of the lessons from his books “the greatness guide” and “the monk who sold his Ferrari”. The ideas that he shares are very simple and really common sense, if you think about it. The difference is that very few of us, including me, actually take the time to think about it.

As he was speaking and sharing some very simple yet enlightening quotes from some of the worlds greatest, in my mind I kept saying, “that’s so true isn’t it”.

A lot of the 500+ people who attended today will probably go out and attempt to apply some of these lessons to their own lives today, but how many will be consistent in their application of these simple techniques.

I think one of most resounding ideas that he shared was on consistency. To me absolute consistency, is perfection!

Think about it like this… If you’re sad at the same level of sadness at all time, are you perfectly sad? If you’re happy at the same level of happiness, are you perfectly happy?

Perfection is probably a silly goal to reach for. It’s perceived to be unattainable but consistency seems like it’s reachable. Think about becoming perfect by becoming more consistent.

A few things that I want to reconnect with…

One of my favorite questions from today was this:

“How do you find a mentor?”

Find someone who’s living a life you would like to live. Connect with them, and find time to go for coffee. If you can’t find this person, connect to people through books. I believe you can connect with that person(s), sometimes the search takes a little longer but eventually

“the teacher appears when the student is ready.” - Robin Sharma

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